How to Wire Sprinkler Valves to the Timer

It can appear to be a troublesome undertaking, yet it is quite simple on the off chance that somebody lets you know how to make it happen. You will require a couple of wire strippers and a little screwdriver.

Where to Purchase the Right Wire

The initial step is to purchase the right wire. Sprinkler wire is sold at tool shops and sprinkler supply stores. On the off chance that you want a ton of wire, it is smarter to shop at the sprinkler supply store. Sprinkler wire is a 18 measure wire.

Number of Strands

A strand is exactly the same thing as one wire. You ought to get another strand than the quantity of valves being utilized. For instance, a seven valve framework would utilize an eight abandoned wire (eight wires).


There is one solenoid for every valve. Every solenoid has two wires previously associated with it. Pick one wire from every solenoid and bend them firmly together. It doesn’t make any difference which solenoid wire you pick.

White Wire or Normal Wire

It’s an unwritten decide that the white wire will be the normal wire. Stay by this standard to forestall disarray by others dealing with your framework. It’s called normal since it is utilized on all valves. The white wire will be connected to the huge heap of solenoid wires. For instance, in the event that you have four valves there will be four solenoid wires and one white wire crimper tool normal wire all snared along with a wire connector.

Pick your Tones

When the white wire is associated with one wire from every solenoid, pick any variety you wish and interface it with a wire nut to the next solenoid wire. On a four valve framework you could pick blue, dark, green, and red for every valve and run the white wire to every valve too. Altogether, for four valves, you will require five strands of 18 check sprinkler wire. Monitoring tones will assist you with knowing which clock station will turn on which valve.

Run the Wire Back to the Clock

Take the wire to the clock. To get wire into the carport, it is useful to utilize a sledge drill and some froth sealant around the wire opening.

Connecting the Clock

You will require a little screwdriver for most clocks. Interface the white wire to the terminal that says C. Interface the hued wires to the extra terminals. It doesn’t make any difference what request the hued wires are introduced. You might need to have the wires in a specific request for your benefit, yet it’s not needed. For instance you might maintain that station 1 3 should be the front yard as it were.

You will likewise have to attach the power. Associate the power pack to the air conditioner terminals. In the event that you are utilizing an open air clock, ensure you have a braid rather than an air conditioner connector.

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